Here is the list of tribes. This page is open for additions to the fan-made wiki.

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Update: Oumaji Rider (me) has added links to all of them. Now we know which tribes we need to move from the original wiki to here. It will be slow but we can do it.

More than 20% of all fanmade tribes made don't have a link.

If your tribe is not here or a new tribe has been made (or erased), feel free to edit this.

Aathjai (red desert)

Aatilon (huns)

Aelo (magic desert)

Al-Buyire (ancient arabs)

Alusia (moores)

Balsam (clouds)

Bogbog (tibetan ninjas)

Bootila (pirates)

Boreas (arctic ice fields)

Byzantius (byzantine)

Campis (plains, no culture?)

Ceyandy (Sri lanka)

Chuktuk (native american)

Condoz (south-american natives)

Dalaoriu (australian)

Ehdia (canadians)

Eldrin (elves)

Emperion (Imperius-like)

Evera (himalayan)

Feretta (post-apocalyptic)

Frieso (frisian)

Fromix (bretons)

Fronuli (australian)

Futuris (cyborgs)

Guaycul (south-american natives)

Guryeo (korean)

Hugave (middle-americas)

Husarix (islands)

Hvaljavik (faroer-icelandic whale hunters)

Igniros (fire)

Jakintan (bengali)

Julanoma (omani)

Keresowaz (native american)

Kleptoros (traders)

Kœmaskaxs (mongolian)

Kwatil (north-western US)

Lasuyaku (pre-inca Peru)

Lettic (baltic)


Lo Oruaco (El Dorado)

L'Oradouer (french)

Lreetna (forest magic)

Lumberjacks (lumberjacks)

Lytsar (french)

Magmar (lava)

Maneries (knights) 

Mareldians (giants)

Masin (edens garden)

Marinoo (alien)

Mooshi (mushroom)

Moriton (mongolian)

Muziki (orchestra)

Narvicia (spanish)

Nauru (hive insects)


Nomadis (nomads)

Nitor (futuristic)


Ogka (ogres)

Oluo (carribean)


Paramas (venezuela)

Pewdiepie (Pewdiepie)

Philos (wizards)

Poa (polynesian)

Polaris(?) (inuits (actually a canon tribe, put on hold by midjiwan))

Qu-Orb (aliens)

Raubvögel (germanic bird-tamers)

Regia Solis (Imperius-like)

Révolte (french revolution)

Rococoro (cannibals)

Rolance (knights)

Saltec (saltlands)

Satanic order (hell)


Scythis (scythians)


Shenabe (native american)

Shi-Bu (korean)

Shuvia (indian)

Sompunon (swamps)

Staylonia (USSR)

Sumericanis (south-american natives)

Sushang (japan)

Swania (swamps, no culture?)

Tar tribe (tar, nameless)

Teizanh (cyberpunk, example for bad tribe)

Tseliko (Kieven rus)

Tyrenia (dinosaurs)

Tyrénia (cartaghinian)

Uuticab (mayans)

Valier (valleys, no culture?)


Vulkantis (volcanoes)


Xorhynque (mediums)

Yakana (patagonian)

Yaqieho (north-african)

Yarrabung (australian)

Yekov (russian)