Quirios Edit

In-game description: Found in the misty region huddled around a warm fire in one of their buildings can be found the Quirios but don’t let this deceive you for it is easy to think of simplicity as weak Based on Iriqios

In game stats

Cities, longhouses, Palisades,

Forests: Eastern pines

Game: Yaegh (Deer)

Mountains: Green single peaked hill like but taller

Colour: purple

Fruit: 3 sisters

Helmet: Antlers

Tech: Hunting

Spawn Rate

Forest 50% of land

-Game above average

Crop normal

Fruit above average

Mountains below average

-Ore normal

Water lower than average

-Fish 33%

Oceans lower than average

-Whales slightly above average

Ceastrolo “who watched the Skies” Edit

In-game description Night is forever but still the sky changes. All fail to watch the movement of the stars but the Ceastrolo who’s quest is to solve the ever changing expanse of space and light..

In game stats:

Cities: medieval astronomy buildings, monastery like buildings, observation decks..

Forests: tall, oddly shaped, brown80%-purple19% trunks, green blue leaves, slight mist

Game: Capybara

Mountains: tall with mist near base, gray, rocky.

Colour: dark blue

Helmet: non-human

Fruit: star like shaped, yellow and blue

Tech: Unique tech tree

Land: greenish-blue

Eye of god: a telescope on a platform

The Ceastrolo have a altered tech tree with mediation replaced by stargazing changing the mountain temple to the observatory which gives +2 star production per nearby temple, forest temple, water temple, and mountain temple (Unlocked with Astronomy) limit of one per city. And replaces Philosophy with Astronomy moving the literacy bonus to sky mapping and adding mountain temple) Sky mapping replaces Shields and has the Literacy bonus, allows units to travel on oceans, and Star Father who costs 5 stars has 10 health, 1 defense, 0 attack, 1 movement, and 1 range, and has daze ability, he can daze all enemy units next to him which takes away their retaliation damage that turn. The Ceastrolos super unit is a (unknown sprite and I.d. [called night monster for now]) it has 30 health, 2 movement, 4 attack, 5 defense, and 1 range

Spawn rates

Land 85%

-Forests 30%

]-Game common

-Crop uncommon

-Fruit uncommon

-Mountains 20%

]-Ore average

Water 10%

-Fish 30%

Oceans 5%

-Whales 8%

Language Prefixes- ste, sta, sol, ce, cea, fer, ski, lun, da, dar, ni, he, hea, ob Suffixes- ll, ar, er, phon, pho, po, o, ka, ke, nae, ner

I want to make a tribe latter with the Anaconda as game