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This is the Polytopia Fan-made Tribes Rewritten Wiki! This is a wiki dedicated to the fan-made tribes of Polytopia. Before contributing, please read the Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy.


Here is a simple list of every FMT: All Fan-Made Tribes And here's the complicated, but more useful list: FMT Browser

You want to create your own tribe? Check these pages out: Step by step guide for making a tribe., How to make a good fanmade tribe and to post it as an article here when done: TESTTRIBE

You want to read or write stories? This is the place for you: The Square and FMT Theory/Lore

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Polytopia Tribes

This is the wiki where you can create tribes that Polytopia fans think of existing, and are worthy of being on the game, or at least be recognized and appreciated, especially for the fan tribe creators, who coped with much hate, especially on the Polytopia wiki for not posting on forums. You can ask for help in your tribe construction.

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